SatyaChittAnand Foundation has been created to serve and help people to grow in healthy environment and spread peace, happiness and good health through Reiki and Meditation. The foundation is a non profit organization and is also focused on assisting those in distress and in state of penury. It also aims to provide relief to women and physically challenged people and empowering them through vocational skills.


  • Development of a peaceful and just society. Spread of Indian culture, traditions and spiritual wisdom.
  • Holistic development of body, mind and spirit through spiritual practices like meditation and Reiki. Promoting preventive health care and alleviation of stress.
  • Development of true human potential.  Providing trauma relief. Assistance for those in distress and in state of penury including those affected by natural calamities.
  • Promoting education including special education, vocational skills for children, women and differently abled.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance and protection of flora & fauna.