Perseverance; Key to Spiritual Success

A practitioner of Meditation after experiencing peace & bliss during the Meditation session may yet be invaded by restless thoughts surfacing from the subconscious mind. Springing up of such long hidden thoughts is quite normal & must not influence the practitioner to abandon his practice of Meditation. Let there not be a doubt or disbelief [...]

Inner Deities

Disease is manifestation of misuse of an individual's free will. His reactions, feelings, moods & habits are all defined by effects of his past actions. Identifying with their shallow ego, human beings don't realise that life is nothing but a sum total of their past karma & nature controlled by their Spinal Centres. The human [...]

Law of Karma

Pure intent, awareness of our thoughts and actions define our Karma. Intent behind the Karma is the most important aspect of Karma. As long as we are in this physical body we can't be devoid of Karma. We are creating Karma with every thought, intent and action. Becoming desireless is the only redemption from Karma. [...]