Distance Healing

Many of us at some stage in life would have felt and acknowledged the power of thought and intent. Occasionally such thoughts do manifest into reality. There are some of us who possess extra sensory perception wherein one foresees events before they actually happen. This actually is travel of energy in time and space. Something similar happens as one is attuned to the life force energy, i.e Reiki.

After the sacred initiation process, the “Reiki attunement”, the recipient  having felt the Universal Life Force Energy, having experienced the flow of Reiki through hands and touch, would experience the joy of transmitting this energy through intent. The learner would also realize the limitless potential associated with it. This powerful healing energy has many possibilities for the innovative practitioner. Directing this energy over a distance becomes one such possibility.

The all pervading life force energy, with a little guidance can be transmitted to anyone, anywhere; all that is needed is intent. With intent this energy can be  focused and directed to the recipient as the energy has integral intelligence. This means it can be sent to people across the room, town, or even in other parts of the country or the world. Distance is therefore no barrier when sending healing across.

In itself, geometric designs and symbols have limited energies of various frequencies. These however, become immensely powerful when synergized with cosmic processes such as Reiki attunement. Thence these symbols bring higher awareness and become useful tools for healing. The attunement empowers the symbols, so they fulfill the intended purpose. They then play an important  part in directing energy to the recipient. The energy works wonders combined with the healers’ intent, involvement and evolvement.
These symbols are like keys that open the door to higher consciousness. They can bridge time, be sent to the future, can also be used to send to the past to heal past traumatic experience. Distance healing can also be used to heal problems that stem from past lives.

Reiki symbols are sacred and transcendental in nature. They work automatically every time used. Further, the healer doesn`t have to be in an altered state of mind  for the symbols to work. The symbols are a way of linking, the conscious mind to the subconscious.

“Make effective use of this higher consciousness, this abundant healing resource that is available in the Universe to heal others and the society as a whole.”

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