Among so many healing techniques and systems that Nature has to offer, Reiki is one such powerful system of healing. In itself, Reiki is
‘universal life force’ energy present all around in the cosmic system.
This universal energy can be tuned into and used for healing yourself
and others. This unique energy can be used for overall well being once
a person learns to channelize it. After the master initiates the
student through a sacred attunement process, the student becomes an
energy channel.

Reiki is a spiritually guided energy, hence has intelligence of its
own. It is safe and easy to practice. The energy can cause no harm.
This spiritually guided life force energy can be effectively used for
a complete healing at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and

The person receiving healing can actually feel the energy working on
him. The receiver not only feels better at the physical level that is
symptomatic, but mentally also he feels more relaxed and de-stressed.
In my healing experiences, I have observed, a person even suffering
from acute pain and discomfort  goes into deep sleep only after a few
minutes of treatment session. Acute cases get healed fast while
chronic diseases do take time, though the patient starts feeling
better after the initial session itself.

Reiki works very well as a preventive health care system to stay safe
from chronic and life style diseases. With Reiki, keep yourself
healthy, happy, relaxed and de stressed. Reiki healers over a period
of time start feeling a positive transformation.  Entire personality
transforms as they feel connected to the higher energies, receiving
constant help and guidance.

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