Mind and Thoughts

Mind and thoughts have a deep natural connection. The mind is always busy with thoughts, it is never still, in some cases not even during sleep. Thoughts are an ever ongoing process, work related or family related, the thoughts are always there, consciously or unconsciously the mind is always busy thinking, negative or positive the thoughts are persistent.

Ever wondered about the thoughts going on in your mind; whether of the future or of past. Future is always about planning, life ahead, family, children etc, we are always busy planning for times ahead. Past is always about experiences, pleasant and not so pleasant ones. Unpleasant experiences nag the most. Sometimes, people find it difficult to overcome them, such thoughts haunt a person sapping him, leaving him craving for some positive energy. However, there is no respite as one can`t run away from oneself.

The solution lies in becoming aware of your thoughts and identifying the negative ones. It is important to live in awareness and correct negative thoughts with positive ones. After all, it’s your own mind and the sad part is it‘s not in your control. The most important question you have to ask yourself, are you the slave of your mind or the master of your mind? This one answer decides your life, your happiness and your destiny. Remember, your peace and health are in your own control.

Become the master of your life, train and tame your mind, begin the day on a vibrant note with positive thoughts and affirmations. Be cautious and learn to throw away the first negative thought or change it with a positive one before you get trapped into its spiral. Thoughts are a very powerful energy and mind is the source of this energy; so tap into this all powerful source, shape your life and change your destiny.

Always remember, be very aware of your thoughts. Gradually the mind will form new and positive thought patterns. So live in awareness – awareness of your thoughts and of your breath, control your mind with your breath and not breath with the mind.

Spare some time from your busy schedule for Pranayam and Sadhna. Stay energized, this is the guide to good health and well being. God bless!

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