Who is Shiva?

Shiva is the ultimate reality, one who is self born, ‘swayambhu’, the divine force behind this creation and everything that happens in this creation. He is the Protector and the Destroyer,destroyer of evil & negative forces, the third eye when vibrant,active & in a state of expansion dissolves all negative karma & impressions, everything negative dissolves in Him. He is the Lord of the Lords, Maheshwara. Shiva is Timeless, Inexplicit and the Infinite Consciousness.

He is the deepest mystery, everything is born of Him and goes back to Him. He is the ‘womb’ where everything is born and goes back to oblivion. He is a non­­-being and the vast empty space of the Universe. He is the darkness of the cosmic, the all pervading with unlimited possibilities, always there everywhere. He is the Sarveshwaraya.

He is the Adiyogi, the certain yogi,He gave us the yogic concept which makes us the master of our body, our mind, our emotions & our energy. The Yogi of Yogis, The Mahayogi.
He is the Adiguru, the first guru who introduced the humanity to Liberation, the very idea & concept of going beyond the constraints of the body & the mind. The five elements of the body dissolve into the five elements of this universe. Everything that we crave to Seek is within us. He let the sacred Ganges of knowledge & wisdom flow & gave the science of Yoga & Meditation to human beings to evolve. The idea of transcending beyond the limited framework of their physical capabilities, going beyond the limits of their existence. Mahadeva not only gave the idea but also imparted 112 different methods of liberation. This secret timeless knowledge imparted to Saptrishis is  practiced actively in some form or other.

The fundamental quality of universe is ‘nothingness’, everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. This knowledge has been with us for centuries, That is the essence of Shiva; the meaning of Shiva itself –‘ that which is not’. Nothing, occupier of the vast empty space, the all encompassing darkness, the ‘nothingness’, everything is born of Him and goes back to Him.

“The capacity to distinguish between the form & the formless,the finite & the Infinite, between truth & delusion (Maya),
This human discernment is a great possibility for evolution & Enlightenment.”

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