Re-Wiring Through Meditation

‘’Re-Wiring” [as clinical psychologists like to call it] means establishing additional energy connections. Meditation re-wires  the brain and brings about positive changes altering habitual patterns of mind, deep rooted thoughts and behaviour.  Re-wiring  helps the brain connect to new pathways  resulting in fresh patterns of thought form and order.

Over the years such thought waves get firmly embedded in our system. These rigid patterns control the way we think, act and feel. The cerebral order and its patterns are so deeply ingrained, that it seems impossible  to alter or change them. Re-wiring brings about positive changes in the old order forming  new connections.

There are approximately 100 billion nerve cells in the brain and each of these communicate with other through connections called “synapses”. According  to brain research, the number of possible connections in the brain is almost infinite. Therefore, brain’s potential for forming new pathways, new habits of thought and behavior seems to be practically unlimited.

Most humans in their ordinary lives utilize limited potential of the brain. To maximize goals, full potential of the human brain needs to be exploited. Both the left and right hemispheres should therefore be synergized, harmonized and balanced for perfect optimization. The left side of the brain is linked to analytical thinking and is generally more active, while the right side activates artistic and creative abilities and is also linked to emotive behaviour.

It has been proven scientifically through research that both the left and right hemispheres of the brain balance and co-ordinate during meditation. The enhanced co-ordination and balance of both hemispheres, maximize the capacity of the mind and brings about perceptive changes in the way we think, act and feel.

Meditation thus helps us to change the pattern of thinking and acting. The brain cells thence begin to establish new connections and rewire the circuits positively. These new connections, then communicate in fresh ways with other cells and soon old thoughts and habit patterns are replaced or altered by new positive ones. Life soon opens new and exciting avenues, for you to simply experience.

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