Thoughts & Feeling

Mind is the all powerful tool which controls the way we think, act and feel. How we perceive things, react to different situations or feel about certain people, it`s all in the mind. Our thoughts result in generation of feelings. Change your thoughts and see how your perception changes about everything. So many times, you will find things are only in the mind. It can actually create adverse conditions and situations where none exist.

Discrimination is the key for identifying negative thoughts and correcting them with positive ones. Persistent negative thoughts and feelings bring changes in the human aura, disrupt the flow of the life force energy leading to illness of the physical body. Almost all ailments are a result of deep rooted negative thoughts and feelings, where the individual is not even aware what he is doing to himself. In fact, most chronic diseases are a negative result of such ignorance. Medical practitioners generally label many ailments as lifestyle diseases. Yes, no wonder then, because negativity has become a lifestyle for many of us.

Long standing emotional problems, resentment, deep hurt, festering anger etc are aspects which make life without joy, with person slowly losing charm in life. Such negative feelings are a cause of unhappiness and unwanted stress.

We have to learn to be silent enough to read the subtle signals from within and hear the call of the spirit. The soul, the consciousness inside is craving for something more, something deeper. Hear your inner voice and seek guidance from the soul.

Connect to the Divine and find a new way of life through meditation. Once initiated, whatever the circumstances stay connected. Remember, every negative feeling can be overcome by a positive one. Lovingly forgive and release all feelings of resentment. This is the biggest gift you can give to your own self. Fill your heart with love and joy, and release everything which is no longer needed. Create peaceful experiences, shed all fears & insecurities, and flow in the perfect rhythm of life.

So, before you fall prey to your own negative thoughts and feelings, bring about positive changes in your lifestyle. Connect to the Divine and rejoice in his grace. Live a happy, healthy and a blissful life through meditation. Stay Blessed!

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