Perseverance; Key to Spiritual Success

A practitioner of Meditation after experiencing peace & bliss during the Meditation session may yet be invaded by restless thoughts surfacing from the subconscious mind.

Springing up of such long hidden thoughts is quite normal & must not influence the practitioner to abandon his practice of Meditation. Let there not be a doubt or disbelief in the power of ‘The Practice’, rather a practitioner must continue to strive to go deeper & deeper within.

When plagued by unnerving, unpleasant, agitating & distressing thoughts, sit comfortably in a quiet place & become aware & watchful of the breath. ‘Control the breath to control the mind’, is the liberating truth (ancient wisdom) passed down to us in many of our sacred texts.

Control of breath does not mean holding the breath forcibly in the lungs, it is not possible to hold the breath forcefully. In similar vein, it is also not possible to control & quiten the mind forcefully.

Control of breath implies, becoming aware of the breath, observing the breath & gradually becoming centered on the breath. Slowly & gradually, as the practitioner becomes one with the breath, both the breath & the mind will begin to calm down.

This will also help the mind to go into a habitual peaceful state dissolving all restlessness & anxiety caused by sudden surge of thoughts. It will further deepen the meditative state of a follower in his or her Meditation practices.

A conscious effort by the practitioner will eventually lead him or her to be well established in Meditation, wherein both the intensity & frequency of thoughts will get diminished & will no longer be a hindrance in a practitioner’s spiritual progress.

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