Aura or Human Energy Field


Spiritually evolved practitioners experience seeing a ‘halo’ of light around the head or physical body of people. With spiritual practices like meditation, the consciousness expands to a level where it awakens some latent abilities of high sense perception, and the practitioner develops an ability to see or experience energy not visible to the human eye.

Whether it is the human energy field or the energy around us, a spiritually evolved person is sensitive to these energies, can feel
and experience, as also understand and interact with such energies.The HEF is a manifestation of the universal life force, that, while sustaining the human body is the key essence of the mental, emotional
and spiritual aspects of a living being.

HEF, also referred to as aura is the ‘halo’ surrounding the human body having seven merging layers. Inner energy layers are dense and indicate the health of the physical body, while outer layers with higher vibrations connect to energies from the higher planes.

The HEF is a collection of electro magnetic energies of varying densities. This oval shaped aura of a healthy person emits out from the body at one to two feet above our head & below the feet into the ground.
A healthy aura is an indicator of a person’s good health.

Average aura of a normal healthy person is six to eight inches. The aura consists of seven layers of auric body. These layers are inter connected & affect one another and the person’s feelings, behaviour, emotions & a person’s health at all levels. Therefore an imbalance in one of the bodies leads to an imbalance in others.

We have seven chakras in our subtle body, Chakras are energy centres and are responsible for the flow of energy and life into the physical body, Chakras react & respond to energy & vibrations, the energy flow of the chakra can be disrupted by imbalance in the emotional, mental or spiritual aspect of an individual. This disharmony also causes imbalance in the aura.

From each chakra forms a layer of the aura. The colour & energy in the aura is directly proportional to the action of the chakra.
First layer which is closest to the body indicates physical health, it generates from the Base Chakra or the Muladhara Chakra . The second and the third layers indicate mental and emotional health, while the outer four layers reflect love, compassion and higher spiritual growth.

The Chakras which are in rainbow colour also provide colour to aura. In a healthy person the colours are pure & bright. The spiritual state has an enormous effect on the size and colour of the aura, any changes in our consciousness are reflected in the aura.

The aura fluctuates as a response to changes within an individual or in the environment eg, happiness reflects in the aura as sparkling colours & sadness makes it dull. Similarly, with feeling of love, the colours pink & violet overlay in the aura.

An individual’s spiritual growth has an enormous effect on the size and the colour of the aura.

The aura is weakened by first & foremost a person’s own negative thoughts and emotions, negative thoughts and emotions about self & others, and believe you me thought is a very powerful energy. Negative thoughts disrupt the flow of life force in the chakras and aura creating an imbalance.
Other factors that affect the chakra & aura are- poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, alcohol, tobacco & drugs.

Addictions hamper the aspect of discrimination in an individual, discrimination between right and wrong is an aspect of spiritual wisdom & is reflected in the space element in the subtle body or the outer three layers of the aura.

The most common discolorations are black, grey, brown or muddy colours. Negative emotions like hate & jealousy weaken the aura, produce a jagged effect to aura thereby weakening it.

Shock causes changes in the shape of the aura, It can cause the aura to shift away leaving an individual unprotected.

Auras of spiritually evolved people exhibit radiance and glow, their mere presence or
contact brings peace and tranquility. It is believed that Lord Buddha’s aura was many a miles. Aura can be enhanced with Meditation & other spiritual practices like mantra chanting.

2 thoughts on “Aura or Human Energy Field

  1. It is a wonderful description of chakras and Aura.I want to know while we are sleeping chakra and aura are active at that time also.Some time suddenly we get up from the sleep and feels uneasy like some thing happened worng some where to a person who is near and dear to us but can’t recognise the person.What is this.

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    1. Yes aunty…the energy is always there & we are alive because of the life force energy flowing through us through the chakras forming the aura or energy field around us.
      That is intuition working for us…we all have that third sense that gives us indications….with meditation this sense evolves…as a balance takes place between both the hemispheres of our brain….right hemisphere is for creativity, intuition & telepathy..


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