How To Meditate


An aspirant when he begins to meditate must choose a quiet place, as noises can be disturbing for a beginner .The seat or asan should be comfortable, little raised from the ground, it can be a thick cotton cushion  or a folded soft woollen blanket with silk cloth placed over it as silk repels downward pull of certain earth currants. The practitioner must make sure that the asan is comfortable for him, discomfort of any kind can distract him,  his mind will keep going to the point of discomfort.

Sit in sukhasan a simple cross legged position with the spine straight, the lumbar region gently crooked forward, chest up and shoulders back without any stress or strain in any part of the body. Place hands in your lap palms upturned, right hand on top of left. Relax while maintaining this posture.


Begin by taking slow deep breaths, rhythmic and controlled breathing helps to disconnect the mind from the outer sensory world. Continue breathing at your pace with your eyes closed and your mind on your breath, with a feeling that your breath is filling you with life and energy and every out going breath is taking out all the stress and strain from your body and mind. Continue breathing till you feel completely relaxed, remember relaxation is the key to meditation. The aspirant has to learn to relax and meditation will follow suit.

In this relaxed state slowly bring your mind to your third eye centre that is the spot between the eyebrows [as this is the point of Divine perception ] and chant OM  in your mind. Chanting is to break the flow of thoughts. Continue meditating on the Ajana Chakra for as long as you are comfortable , say for  ten to fifteen minutes to begin with.

In the beginning an aspirant may succeed only once in a while in quieting the mind but with regular and disciplined practice he will slowly begin to distance self from the senses and start experiencing inner peace and bliss.

Meditate with a feeling of complete surrender and a deep desire for Divine communion, sincere spiritual efforts will bring positive vibrations and the devotee will begin to enjoy the process. Don’t feel discouraged, if the mind is not in control and it is filled with thoughts of both the past as well as the future. This is a cleansing process as the thoughts were always there but you were not conscious of this fact, this awareness is the first step towards spiritual journey. Gradually as the practitioner starts    evolving,  this flow of thoughts begins to reduce, the gap between the thought that has passed and the next thought that is yet to come begins to increase  and the mind stays longer on the third eye centre.

Don’t look for results after each session of meditation, focus on increasing the depth without trying to weigh the results or fruits of your devotion.

“For an average man mind is in a constant state of disturbing thoughts ………

But for an aspirant with with Divine perception this earth is a blissful sojourn.”

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