It is in Solitude that we find the Lord. In Solitude we connect to our inner self. Never in the crowd, has anyone found the Eternal truth. Spiritual means finding oneself and to go within to that perfect state of bliss a seeker seeks solitude.

Spirituality needs an honest individuality and we are truly honest in solitude, when we are one with the self. In Solitude, it is in introspection, that we reflect & reason and that is when we are truly one & honest with the Self. Solitude is such a complete state of being.

Take loneliness as an incentive from the Divine, for solitude is what we seek. If, you must seek, seek the company of the finest. Share your feelings with the Supreme and enjoy the magnificent company of  the Divine.

There is nothing to understand, Divinity is only to be experienced. Experience is what matters. Experience solitude, experience self, experience inner peace and joy. Remember, when you don’t go within, you go without.

Solitude at a deeper level is absorption in the Spiritual Eye. A perfect state of solitude is attained when a seeker rests in the Superconscious bliss of the Soul, where senses cannot invade.

“Leave the matter, leap into the Spirit for Satya, Chitt, Ananda [ Eternal Truth, Supreme Consciousness and Ultimate Bliss ]

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