Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki was developed by William Lee Rand in 1995. Karuna healing energy is a Reiki like energy, a life force energy that is guided by the higher power.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word which literally means compassion. Essence of Karuna Reiki healing is love and compassion. This is what people experience when working with energy of this system.

Reiki of compassion heals more deeply. It is a healing energy of greater benefit. It is not a substitute for Usui Reiki but an additional system to promote healing at various levels. Karuna healing when used in combination with Usui Reiki widens the scope of a practitioner’s imagination and achievements. It has additional benefits both in terms of healing and ascension.

While some of the symbols in Karuna Reiki are similar to those used by other systems, the attunement process and the intent is different. This makes Karuna Reiki unique as a system. Past lives impressions, fears and phobias, aches and pains, for which there are no plausible explanations, they can be effectively healed with Karuna Reiki.

An adept practitioner can achieve amazing and miraculous healing effects.  Those who have experienced the healing process report a feeling of becoming more awake, more alive and completely healed.

‘Let us explore the abundance of Karuna Reiki energy with its dynamic manifestations”.

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