Illusion is something that is not true. It is a state of being deceived or misled. Anything which is not permanent can’t be the Ultimate Truth. Lord Buddha defined illusion as, “ whatever can be seen, heard or  touched is unreal, whatever you cling to as permanent  is unreal, whatever the mind can think of is unreal”.

Through the eyes of Lord Buddha, the root cause of suffering is illusion. Illusion is created by the mind.  What the mind has created only the mind can undo.

The only way out of illusion is to stop believing in the separate Self and the Cosmic World that supports the illusion of separate self. Let us become a part of the Universal Whole.

This can only be achieved by regular practice of meditation. Just close your eyes and sit quiet, experience as you cease to exist, then we get into a state of “no experience”. No I, No You, Only Bliss !

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