Yoga, the sacred ancient Indian science is like a magic potion for a beautiful, healthy, long and fulfilling life.  It acts as a remote control to life and happiness. With regular practice, you can shape and be the master of your destiny. Yoga is the holistic science of the body, mind and soul. It is not limited to certain physical postures [which give you a strong and supple body]. It is the inner science that controls the mind.

Mind and breath have a deep linkage, as it is through the breath that the mind is controlled. Only a few deep breaths can energize the mind and vitalize the body. Regular practice of Pranayama [control of breath] makes the mind more focused and centered. This regulated mind with continuous practice of meditation goes into a deep state of relaxation and inner bliss. ”Meditation is food for the soul”, Says Sri Sri Ravishankar. Thus Yoga is the union of the body, soul and spirit. It is the science that connects you to your inner self, to recognize your very own true nature, to unveil the God qualities of the soul.

Yogic practices with control of breath and the mind give lasting peace and happiness. The state of inner bliss is not transient. Breath plays a vital role in yogic practices as it rejuvenates the cells in the body, making a practitioner look healthier, younger and vibrant, radiating with energy.

So enjoy immense benefits of this beautiful inner science called Yoga and live a more  focused, balanced and blissful life. Enjoy good health at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Evolve spiritually and revel into the hitherto unknown realms of life.

“The fundamental principle of Yoga is to make you the master of your body, your mind, your emotions & your energy.”

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