Karma & Intent


The law of karma

What goes to the universe multiplies and comes back as that is the true essence of nature. Karma plays an important role in life, as life to a great extent is a reflection of past life karmas. Your life is a sum total of past karmas and free will in present life. Free will and resultant actions, decide your future and your next life.

karma is not just actions, it goes much deeper, it is all about intent. The intent behind the action is the most important aspect of karma . Punya is born of effort where intent is pure; goals being focused on well being of others . Dynamic action emanating from a calm mind; guided by intellect. Work that is beyond selfish interest and done dedicatedly, wholeheartedly ,detachedly. Detachment from the fruits of action helps you rise beyond the generic classification of good and bad deed, every action then becomes perfect.

Bhagwad Gita advises :

Ubhe sutkrit dushkrite – Rise above both good and bad deeds by remaining united with reason .
(Buddhi –yukto )

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