Reiki As Spiritual Healing

There are no contradictions in spirituality, it is all inclusive. The spectrum of spirituality is as wide as the  universe itself. Reiki and other healing techniques are all part of this wide spectrum.  Reiki is the same as spiritual healing, it is a holistic healing that addresses the body, mind and spirit. This wisdom comes from the Higher Self. This is God Consciousness which is all knowing, having an intelligence of its own. The energy apart from healing helps a practitioner to evolve spiritually, it helps him to connect to the Divine source, receive guidance from it and become its channel for a higher purpose.

In fact, meditation and Reiki healing together work beautifully on an individual, both these practices are complimentary. Reiki helps the spiritual energy in a practitioner to rise smoothly through the spinal centers by keeping the chakras clear and healthy. A Reiki practitioner who meditates regularly on the third eye center becomes an evolved healer because of his enhanced capacity to connect to the highest source. He is more centered and a pure channel for the energy to flow.

Positivity, a pure intent and compassion are the all important aspects of healing, an advanced healer who is also established in meditation would have all these factors deeply ingrained in him making him a perfect channel for the energy to flow.

Reiki and meditation balance and harmonize the energy centers and help the energy to rise to merge with cosmic consciousness, the source of Infinite peace and happiness.

Experience the formless consciousness in its supreme state through Reiki and Meditation.

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