Why People Meditate

To attain mastery over self, control of mind, good health, to get a feeling of wellness and well being are some of the reasons people give when asked, why do they meditate?

Surprisingly, with practice of controlled and rhythmic breathing, only a few deep breaths make one feel energized, centered, in control of self and filled with vigor, vitality and positivity. A total feel good factor! Ever wondered, what is this magic that the breath is doing to us!

Mind and breath have a deep connection. Mind can control the breath if you allow it to and breath controls the mind if you practice ‘Pranayama ‘[controlled rhythmic breathing] and meditation. All our problems stem from the mind; mind that controls the body. One can remain problem free if one gains mastery over this mind.

We meditate to control the mind to live a happy and peaceful life. This is the first step towards liberation, the beginning, and this beautiful beginning ends with merging of the self with the source. ‘Moksha’ or ‘Mukti’,The Liberation.

This journey from the beginning to the end is long, needs patience and perseverance. Rest assured, the path keeps becoming easier and beautiful. As we walk along, the aspirant receives many benefits,  health or happiness and much more, as he evolves on the path, the connection keeps getting deeper and stronger and the practitioner keeps receiving blessings,’ For His benevolence has no limits.’

Highly evolved yogis and practitioners become His channels and messengers and carry out the Lord’s work to serve and uplift humanity. Help other aspirants to tread the Path, they themselves so passionately chose. This absolute selflessness attracts people towards them, who become their followers.

The journey which began with a few deep breaths and meditation, trying to bring the mind home, becomes a deep spiritual fulfillment where duality has no meaning.

Nothing in this world can perturb such an established yogi. Such practitioners, enjoy fruits of both the worlds; a beautiful and blissful life in this physical world and merger and unity above the duality.

So, where people begin to meditate for some very basic benefits like good health and peace of mind, the ones who continue the journey become established yogis.

If for some reason, an aspirant in present life fails to achieve unity with Divinity, his next birth begins from where he left and begins his journey from there on, having taken birth in favorable environment and conditions where all his needs are taken care of. He is born a more aware and awakened soul.

“In an inner environment, that is firm and unyielding, an aspirant rejoices in God Communion.”

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