Inner Deities

Disease is manifestation of misuse of an individual's free will. His reactions, feelings, moods & habits are all defined by effects of his past actions. Identifying with their shallow ego, human beings don't realise that life is nothing but a sum total of their past karma & nature controlled by their Spinal Centres. The human [...]

Resolve to Meditate 

I will begin each day with Meditation and follow the path of Devotion. I will Meditate and be free from anxiety & restlessness. I will renounce anything that deviates me from the Path. I will Meditate regularly and cast away the diverting thoughts, I will make my inner environment conducive to spiritual growth  and immune [...]

Healing With Crystals

Healing With Crystals

People collect crystals and gemstones for their beauty and exquisiteness. Beautiful, shining and colorful stones have always attracted us. They immediately catch the human eye and strangely enough, for no apparent reason, we find ourselves connecting to them, sometimes to one particular stone. We love to own our birth stone and are also inquisitive to [...]