Social Awareness

On this historical day in the cosmic timeline…..

Let us be inspired by a common ideal;
May we belong to one fraternity;
May there be agreement in our minds;
May we dedicate our life to eradicate evils of society and strive for well being of people;
Let us toil on the path of progress;
Let the rich not hoard their wealth, rather utilize it for welfare of people;
Let the farmer’s plough grow food for the people;
Let the teacher who imparts knowledge be highly esteemed;
May we all have a common objective of social welfare;
May we have strength to fight for a noble and righteous cause;
May we not falter in performing our duties;
May we all respect each other’s faith and live in harmony and concord;
May we all be inseparable and bond into strong fellowship and unity;
The Almighty showers His blessings where people are united and work and pray in unison.

Om Shanti!
~ The Rig Veda ~

Wishing my fellow Indians a very happy Independence Day!




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