Evolve in Meditation 

Signs of Growth in Meditation (Ascension)

Certain physical signs or symptoms associated with growth in Meditation ;

A regular practitioner of Meditation may feel swirling, tingling sensations, pulsation & pressure on Ajna chakra.

Feeling of energy pulling the practitioner upwards, sensations in the spine, movement of energy up & down the spine.

Pressure on Crown centre, warmth of energy, feeling of a tight band around the head & pressure on head, neck & shoulders.

Waves of heat rushing into head, a feeling of lightheadedness.

These pulls or pressures are never so intense that they become unbearable for the practitioner.

Activation of Ajna chakra & Crown chakra leading to activation of Pineal & Pituitary glands as they begin to absorb & assimilate more light frequencies.

However, there are also subtle signs of growth in a consistent practitioner.

There is a lasting feeling of bliss and happiness, experiences emotional and mental stability, love for the Lord’s creation becomes the foremost emotion, manifestation of love & compassion, forgiveness comes naturally, trivial issues don’t bother, calmness and contentment; a feeling of deep connection to the Eternal Source and there is an inner desire to serve others.

If a practitioner experiences all this & much more, Then, be rest assured he is growing, evolving & progressing in Meditation.

One thought on “Evolve in Meditation 

  1. Absolutely…some of us are old souls…n these feelings to serve n forgive n empathise with everyone are already present but we don’t know……they get new positive direction with meditation..n then one always starts feeling happy n fulfilled n content.. Thank u my dear Guru for you have taken me there..❤️

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