Excessive Thoughts and Emotional Outbursts

“Emotional outbursts and excessive thought patterns are an obstruction for a seeker on the path of self realization. Such patterns obscure Soul brilliance and hamper the merger of the Soul with the Spirit.”

Moment we calm our thoughts and emotions the body also calms down, that very moment we become aware of our true nature. Our real true nature is calmness, peace and bliss. All the agitation and restlessness is because of excessive thoughts and negative feelings, we are all blessed souls a reflection of the pure Spirit. Moment we go beyond the realm of the mind we recognize our true selves.
It is because we are so filled with excessive thoughts and feelings we become enslaved by them which generally is the cause of all our pains and sorrows.
Meditation is the only way out from all these outbursts of emotions and excessive thoughts. Meditation is an invaluable tool to take us in the right direction, into the realm of peace and bliss. Nobody becomes peaceful and blissful overnight but it is definitely a first step in the right direction.
It is through Meditation that we realize anger, emotions and feelings are not part of our true nature. Moment we are established in Meditation these thoughts and feelings have no control over us. We are all innately peaceful and calm as that is the true nature of our soul. A meditative mind can see beyond the veil of Maya and can connect to the Supreme Self.
Let Meditation become a part of you, just like your other activities make it an integral part of your life and reap innumerable benefits of this beautiful science available to us. We incarnate as pure spirits and let us leave this world as pure spirits. Shed the gross, be subtle.

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