Mantra- A powerful Vibrational Energy

Journey from Negative to Positive

A positive mind is probably the best state that we can be in, nothing can be better than this. No amount of money can buy the kind of peace & bliss that we experience when in a positive state of mind. In fact, all material things become meaningless without a positive frame of mind. A positive mind,a positive outlook & a positive life is what helps us to live it to the fullest.

Well, there is lot of literature available on ‘Positive Thinking’,what we are going to discuss today is some information on how to stay positive which includes my own experience on the Path & how I benefited from it.

Just a few minutes of life lived in awareness is enough to help us realize its worth, it is a heaven that we create for ourselves & life becomes worth living.
Awareness of the mind & the thoughts, and the ability to discriminate the negative ones from the positive ones and changing the negative into positive thoughts is the beginning to new beautiful, blissful & a peaceful life.

It is important to identify & change the first negative thought into a positive one before getting into the spiral of negative thoughts, as we get into this spiral it becomes more & more difficult to get out of it. Unfortunately, the mind feeds on negativity, thus, it is imperative to identify it & change it into a positive one.

Affirmations & mantra chanting is an effective way of doing it. Mantra chanting not only prevents negative thoughts from troubling us but also energize us with positive energy. In one moment, we can step out of this virtual hell to a heaven of our own creation, if we so desire! We can begin our day by invoking blessings of the Supreme Power, chanting His name & meditating on Him, which will keep us positively charged for the rest of the day.

‘Light Invocation’ is an effective way to stay positive, it has a wonderful healing effect on our Aura & Chakras, the best possible way to keep us energized.
“I invoke light of the God within, I am a clear & perfect channel, the light is my guide.” Chant it at least three times. It instills self belief & protects from negative vibrations of the self & of the environment.

Buddhist chants, mantras elevate the ‘Mann’ from mundane negative thoughts & emotions & take it towards devotion. Or, simply close your eyes, sit in silence & chant ‘Om’ & feel the effect it has on you. While chanting feel the vibrations of the Mantra, it fills us with love, gratitude & compassion. Chanting prevents the mind from staying in past or future, it keeps the mind centered, calm & peaceful.

Man – tra, meaning delieverance from sense tendencies. It means protection for the mind. Mantra acts as a shield against negative thoughts & emotions. It is important to understand the deeper meaning & chant with belief & faith,it fills the mind & body with positive vibrations. Chanting helps us transcend time & space. The sounds & vibrations of the Mantra soothe the restless mind and deliver the sense bound mind to its true nature, which is peace.

It is also a simple and easy path to devotion. A beautiful way to connect to the Divine. Chanting loudly or in a group spreads positive vibrations in the environment. This devotional practice fills the heart with gratitude.
Mantra when combined with deep breathing, the energy thus released penetrates & fills our whole being with energy & vibrations, which then gets deeply rooted in our heart & mind, with prolonged chanting, we slowly become the vibration of the mantra.

Rhythmic deep breathing or Pranayama, is another effective way to stay positive. People who practice Yoga & Pranayama regularly stay healthy physically & mentally. Negative thoughts don’t trouble them. Nadi shodan or anulom vilom pranayama balance the two halves of the brain thus bringing about balance & harmony, it also activates the Ajna chakra which helps us connect to the Higher energies. Kriyas or rhythmic breathing techniques have a wonderful effect on body & mind. Everyone must experience them. These rhythmic breathing techniques [Kriya] also activate our journey from Negative potential to Positive potential i.e the spiritual journey from Muladhar chakra [Root chakra] to Sahsrar chakra[Crown chakra].

Meditation is the way to stay positive, when in meditation its just you & your Divine self, you create your own heaven of peace & bliss. Buddhism says that the mind encompasses the whole universe. When we change the innermost state of mind, we change our whole being.

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