Seed of Divinity

The sole purpose of human birth is God Realisation, each one of us is born with seed of Divinity inside of us . We are all born with the Divine chip which makes us all God potential, aim of this life is to nourish and nurture this Divine potential so that  it grows and evolves, making us potential Gods. Like father like son, we are the children of God.

This perfect self which God created looks imperfect because it is covered in the physical mist conditioned by limitations of the physical body. As a result of this ignorance, every human being is aware only of the physical body. Very few the blessed ones are aware of the subtle bodies or the sukshma sharira. They perceive  the real self, and with the help of spiritual practices reunite with the spirit.

Because of ignorance, we get entangled in the physical world and identify with the physical body which is only a vehicle for the soul to aid in God Realisation. All the suffering is because of identification with the lower body, mind entangled in transitory pleasures. Mind  which goes outward has to be trained to go inwards to realize Self. Moment we discover the God within, it is Self Realisation or God Realisation.

It is a misconception that God is residing somewhere far off,  in some mystical heaven far away from his creation and is difficult to know, in fact contrary to that, this ultimate truth is knowable by direct experience.

“Finding one’s true self is the sole and primary purpose of this human birth.”


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