What Happens After Death

Death,  a word that spreads chill! What is death? The dictionary describes death as – cessation of life and all associated processes. Remember, it is just the body and not you that ceases to exist. You remain what you are except that others can’t see, hear or touch you ; you can see them, hear them but they won’t feel your touch. Some sensitive ones may just feel your presence around, which will scare them no end, as your presence around is now ghostly. But here you are, minus the body; your near and dear ones are now not comfortable, if your presence around is felt. Oh, what a sorry, terrible state! How frustrating! It causes so much restlessness, you want to reach out to them but, you are stuck. You are trapped, your feelings are still with you, your anger, your hatred, your jealousies, your grief, your thoughts, nothing dies with the body. It is just the physical body that ceases to exist, your causal and astral bodies do not die.
This is what happens after death. Your attachments keep you tied to this world, you are you minus the physical body [ earthly attachments don’t leave a person so easily, unless one has trained oneself for this day with certain spiritual practices]. Then, nature takes its course and the soul moves to the astral world as per ‘Karma’ of the present birth and remnant ‘Karmas’.
But, it is not the same for practitioners who are established in meditation. For an established yogi, moment he leaves the body, the consciousness knows where it is headed as it has experienced it all in meditation. Such a practitioner is completely at peace with this process of transition. He has experienced this death in meditation. The soul is so used to leaving this mortal frame and resting in higher spheres. For a spiritual practitioner there is no pain, no restlessness. His strings of attachment are already so weak, it takes no time to just leave and go. He knows he has completed his mission in his present life.
A realized yogi does not identify with his physical self. He has gained triumph over wicked impulses of the mind. The soul reigns supreme, controls the instincts and disciplines the mind.
Deeply indulgent and worldly people, who are far too attached to the physical body, who reside in lower self, who never tasted the fruits of devotion and meditation, for such people there is no peace after death. This truth dawns on them moment they lose the body. They are at a loss for  the ever wandering mind was not trained. There was no time to hear the inner voice, to connect to the inner silence beyond the outer clutter. The precious life is now lost and wasted.
On the contrary, a spiritual aspirant who with his spiritual practices created a strong inner environment remains unaffected by this change. For him it is a natural changeover from this world to that. In highly established yogis this transition happens at will.
Death is a reality, life is nothing but preparation for death.

“ Cosmic delusion has strongest influence on indulgent, worldly beings. Even such people can escape from ‘Maya’ by meditating on God.”

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