Evolve Using Your Free Will

The choices made, the decisions taken and the path chosen in this life, decides the journey in present life and onwards after the last breath. We have been given this free will to perform our duties; how we exercise this free will, decide the further course of this life and lives thereafter. We need to ask ourselves, are we using this free will judiciously to live a wholesome, noble and virtuous life which will help us evolve spiritually?
When the thoughts are lifted from fleeting ephemeral issues, when focus is not on transitory & momentary pleasures, when there is constant endeavor to control the mind, rest assured the path is right and you are heading towards permanent, eternal and everlasting happiness.
When the heart becomes tender, compassionate, and expands to enfold the universe in its embrace, when there is longing for something deeper, yearning for that eternal bliss, when you assimilate within you the essence of love, rest assured you are on the right path.
When you are watchful of worldly desires and are in awareness of your thoughts, when you strive to remain in tune with your true nature and further strengthen it with deeper meditative practices, rest assured you are on the right path.
When life becomes an unceasing search for truth, when the intellect is sharp and discriminate, when you rise above the pains and pleasures born of body identification, you are ready to evolve.
When in profound silence you experience who you truly are, when you make a commitment to simply be, when the mind dwells in soul perception withdrawing from all activities, when the mind of ignorance is settled and a clear picture emerges, thence you realize the power of Self. “Only your own experience of the Eternal Truth sets you free.”

“Let man uplift the Self by the Self; Let the Self not be self-degraded. Indeed, the Self is its own friend; and the Self is its own enemy.”
~~~ Bhagavad Gita ~~~

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