Healing With Crystals

People collect crystals and gemstones for their beauty and exquisiteness. Beautiful, shining and colorful stones have always attracted us. They immediately catch the human eye and strangely enough, for no apparent reason, we find ourselves connecting to them, sometimes to one particular stone. We love to own our birth stone and are also inquisitive to know about those which would bring about health, wealth and happiness in our lives. We are naturally drawn to them and love to collect our favorite ones.

Crystals are a beautiful tool available to us for healing. Crystals channelize and amplify the energy of the healer and accelerate the healing process. Thoughts that we create and energies that we absorb from environment manifest as physical conditions. Programming of crystals balance and stabilize such conditions. When healing happens, negative and impure energies are cleansed with crystal programming. Crystals accelerate healing, alleviate pain and balance the energy system in our body. Crystal healing focuses on energy imbalances which manifest as illnesses; balancing of this energy restores good health.

However, before we start using these beautiful looking stones for healing and other purposes, we must make sure that the stone is cleansed of all negative energies that it may have absorbed from the environment. Cleansing is a process of eliminating all such misqualified energies. Cleansing process is a must for crystals before using them. It is generally done with ‘The Light Invocation’ or leaving the stone overnight in salt water. In the morning, wipe it with a clean cloth and it is ready to use. Frequent use of salt water for cleansing reduces the healing property of crystals. So, it is best to use Reiki symbols and ‘The Light Invocation’ for cleansing, which also amplify the energy field of the stone while cleansing it of all negative, imbalanced energies.

Crystals connect to our thoughts and emotions. They have a unique property of absorbing our thought form, because of this property of quartz crystal it is possible to program them. This programming of crystals amplify its energy and help release all stored up negative thoughts and emotions of the person receiving healing, giving him a great feeling of comfort and relief.

Crystals can be cleared of all stored up negative energy and reprogrammed with a strong and positive thought form [remember all data is stored as thought form]. A healer with his positive thoughts can actually amplify the healing power of the crystal. With his thoughts and visualization, the healer can easily create a new and healthy program for an individual receiving healing. Crystals also amplify our ability to visualize. A healer who is sensitive to energies can easily differentiate between a normal crystal [which is not cleared, charged and programmed] and a programmed crystal because of the difference in amplification of energy. Using his visualization a healer goes inside the crystal, wherein with his thought [which crystal can access], the crystal programming is completed. This re-programming eliminates stored up negative energy and accelerates the healing process.

Crystals are placed in homes, living and working places to improve their energy. They have a very positive influence wherever placed. While doing so, it is advisable to first cleanse and charge them with positive energy. Traditionally, clear quartz crystals are used for healing purposes. Rose quartz, Amethyst, Smoky quartz and green quartz are also often used. The basic principle of using colored stones for healing is based on the color of the corresponding chakra of the human energy field [human aura]. The seven colors of the rainbow are also the colors attributed to the seven chakras of the human energy field. The color of the stone that corresponds with the color of the chakra is used for energizing that particular chakra.
Deep blue and violet stones will have a natural affinity with the Ajna chakra and the Crown chakra. Amethyst, a violet quartz also have affinity with Crown chakra. The Crown chakra connects us to cosmic energies, it expands and evolves in relation to our spiritual growth. Hence, Crown chakra is never given healing externally as can be given to other chakras. Placing Amethyst in living spaces enhances positive energy, helps in meditation, increases awareness, promotes intuition, and forms a protective field around the space where it is placed.amethyst-2386939_1920

Sodalite and Blue Tourmaline because of their color affinities energize the Ajna and Throat chakra. Lapis Lazuli a beautiful and a rare gemstone, is particularly useful for Throat chakra and upper lungs. Since it affiliates with Throat chakra, it helps people in verbal expression and better communication.

Aquamarine energizes the Thymus chakra, a minor chakra located between the Throat and Heart chakra. Thymus chakra improves and stimulates body’s immune and defense system. Aquamarine can help clear any imbalance that may hamper the body’s immunity. Turquoise which has a beautiful sky blue color also energizes the Thymus gland providing healing energy to fight illnesses.apatite-669491_1920

While blue and purple stones represent the mental and spiritual body, pink rose quartz represents and harmonizes the emotional body. It is an effective tool for removing emotional blocks and stored stress. It increases love, harmony and understanding when placed in living spaces. It has a soothing effect and restores energy to deficient areas.amethyst-378374_1920.jpg

Smoky Quartz is a translucent stone generally found in light golden brown to deep black colors. Smoky quartz is a good absorber of energy and hence very effective in grounding the energy. It draws energy towards itself, grounds excess energy to earth and brings about mental & emotional stability. Grounding ensures excess energy is drawn from the body, helps in better functioning of Root Chakra thereby establishing a secure contact with earth energy. Red, brown and black stones like Tourmaline also help in grounding and stabilizing energy of the body. Rutilated quartz, generally found in gold or golden brown color help in removing blocked energy from painful areas.

Crystal healing is an effective tool for releasing trapped diseased energy safely. It is advisable to use crystals with natural termination for energy to move in the right direction. Pencil crystals are best suited for spiritual healing with crystals. A healer needs four clear quartz pencil crystals for the process of healing, two for self and two for the person receiving healing. Rebalancing of energy happens in a matter of few seconds and the healer can actually feel the seven stages of rebalancing. Crystal beads are also a good healing medium and can be worn in hand or around the neck once programmed for an individual. Beautiful beads and bracelets of Amethyst, Pink Quartz, Aquamarine and Turquoise are readily available and look extremely beautiful when worn.solar-quartz-665491_1920

Crystal pendulums can be used for dowsing of energy. While dowsing, the pendulums also clear the negative energy of the area where used. It is always better to use clear Quartz crystal pendulums or Amethyst as they have a wider healing spectrum. Reiki Grids formed with crystals are a powerhouse of energy, they emit strong positive energy and can be used for variegated purposes.

So, collect your favorite stones and use them to enhance your energy and of places where you live and work. Feel positive, access and connect to mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of your life, and spread positive vibrations, love and happiness.


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