Evolve in Meditation 

Signs of Growth in Meditation (Ascension) Certain physical signs or symptoms associated with growth in Meditation ; A regular practitioner of Meditation may feel swirling, tingling sensations, pulsation & pressure on Ajna chakra. Feeling of energy pulling the practitioner upwards, sensations in the spine, movement of energy up & down the spine. Pressure on Crown [...]

Intuitional Insight 

Meditation is the way for a mere mortal to become a Divine Soul. Meditation clears the cosmic delusion and the consciousness hitherto in a descended state begins to ascend to higher spheres of existence. This access to Higher planes slowly clears the mist, enhances  discriminative power of the intellect and the consciousness starts connecting to [...]

Why People Meditate

Why People Meditate

To attain mastery over self, control of mind, good health, to get a feeling of wellness and well being are some of the reasons people give when asked, why do they meditate? Surprisingly, with practice of controlled and rhythmic breathing, only a few deep breaths make one feel energized, centered, in control of self and [...]